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"It's All About Choice" is more than a motto. It is a philosophy that drives who we are. What Choice Touch Up offers is first quality bumper and panel repair throughout North Atlanta at a discount price.


Andrew has 30 years of experience in the detailing, painting, and auto body repair industry. He has worked for major automobile dealerships, and specializes in the painting and repair of high end luxury vehicles.


Mobile paint and body repair means low overhead, and we pass the savings along to you. No matter the car, truck, or van, Choice Touch Up consistently provides economy pricing and premium service from our mobile body shop.

Choice Touch Up FAQ's

What are your credentials?

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How much do you charge?

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What is PDR?

PDR is also known as paintless dent repair. This is a process used by technicians to remove small dents from the vehicle without having to use paint or bondo on the vehicle.  The technicians apply pressure and leverage to the backside of the panel and massage or work the dents out keeping the very valuable factory paint intact.  There is no sanding, or body fillers or painting involved. 


What advantages does PDR have over traditional body repair methods?

The advantages are quicker repair times, less disassembly and smaller repair costs.


How long do repairs take?

During the time you are eating lunch, shopping or playing 9 holes of golf, your car can be repaired. 



Are holes drilled to access dents?

Choice Touch Up takes a great deal of pride in our ability to reach most dents without drilling. If for some reason drilling is required, it will be sealed or plugged, as well as  guaranteed not to cause problems.


Can all panels on the vehicle be accessed?

There is about 5% of the vehicle that is inaccessible – we need an air gap between panels in order for us to use our tools.


How long until I can wash my car?

We advise customers not to wash their vehicle for two days after our repair to give the paint time to cure. Afterwards, you can wash your vehicle as frequently as you wish.

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Our Services

  • Bumper Repair
  • Body Panel Repair
  • Auto Painting
  • Dent & Scratch Removal
  • Wheel Restoration
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Wet Sanding & Polishing